Author: Usha Kankaria

Usha Kankaria is an avid traveller, a blogger, and a mom to two boys. She has always used her positive attitude, instincts and her experience to make it right in her life in every situation that went wrong. In this blog she writes about her travel stories she gathered in years of travelling all over the world. She still continues with her passion of travel and photography, she writes about the lessons learnt as a result of her experiences with different cultures and people in different countries.

2.5 Days In Budapest: Day 3

Szecheneyi Thermal Baths in Budapest, is the largest and the best baths in Europe. The Neo-baroque palace was specifically built for hosting Baths; Hungary has always been a country of baths. The ruin bars are seedy, abandoned buildings done up with wacky and unique decoration pieces. There is food and liquor available and in evenings there are Christmas lights to add to the total vibe-crazy and funky.

Mesmerizing Austria, Must See Places

We witness the old world charm of Hallstatt, the ecstatic feel when we travel deep below the ground level for the salt mines, the mesmerizing ferry ride in Konigsee to the historical city of Vienna with its huge palaces, museums and parks. These and many more exotic places to see and experience. Yes, Austria is that engaging and a must visit place for families and individuals alike